A Vision of Better Health and A Better World.

The GYV Brand

GYV is a community of individuals committed to achieving optimal wellness through the distribution of the advanced health supplement BioGenesis. With the groundbreaking Revenue Share Platform (RSP), partnering with GYV and its affiliates presents individuals with the opportunity to cultivate the lifestyle of their dreams.


The GYV team is a fusion of Silicon Valley executives and industry experts with unique backgrounds and experiences. The team shares one key goal: help people improve their overall health and financial success.

GYV’s flagship product, BioGenesis, has improved the health and wellness of thousands of people worldwide over the past four years. Carefully formulated based on academic scientific research, GYV’s products compensate for the lack of phytonutrients in our diet as a result of our daily activities. BioGenesis is a testimonial to GYV’s core commitment to produce exceptional, science-based products and services that positively impact the world.

The GYV team is dedicated to sharing their industry experience to help others achieve financial success and better overall health. GYV brings you the high-tech tools and support staff you need to start and nurture your business.

Join the GYV team to realize a healthier, wealthier you, through a great product and a world-class business opportunity.

The Team

Marc Schenkel

CEO & President

Marc SchenkelShortly after obtaining his business degree from The University of Arizona, Marc Schenkel began pursuing his entrepreneurial quests. He quickly determined that the road to wealth was through impeccable timing and disruptive approaches to how business gets done. This realization led him to the world of network marketing where he earned millions of dollars as one of the top distributors in three different companies.

“That experience was vital and created a lifestyle I really enjoyed. And as much as I loved the concept the networking industry presented, I was less than enthused with the methods and structure of how most of the companies operated. It was common practice for many companies to distribute mediocre products or services, and compensation plans that were good for the company and bad for the distributor. I knew that if you combined the right product with an honest opportunity, the sky would be the limit.”

Marc applied that strategy when he co-founded a company that sold nutritional products that is now one of the fastest growing companies in the country. And once that train left the station, he decided it was time to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor with his family, Sonja and their two children.

That was until he was introduced to BioGenesis.

“There was no way I was going to put the time and energy into another company, but after using BioGenesis, and then meeting the people who had been using it for years, I was blown away. In all my years in this industry, never have I seen a product like this. I knew that if we combined this product with the business platform I had developed, that we would become the new standard for the industry, and that is exactly what GYV will become.”

As he leads the charge of his fledgling new company, Marc still finds time to enjoy boating on the San Francisco Bay with family and friends, sharing a good bottle of wine, and traveling the world. It’s the lifestyle he had earned, and the one he is eager to share.

Todd Mosher

Chief Operating Officer

Todd Mosher With a varied skill set and a long history of entrepreneurial success, Todd Mosher was the ideal candidate to help bring the vision of GYV into reality. Todd developed a relationship with GYV CEO Marc Schenkel through the Silicon Valley Capital Club and CEO Round Table in San Jose, California in 2015.

“Marc and I became fast friends through our work on the CEO round table. When he approached me about GYV and BioGenesis, I was reluctant to commit any time towards a new venture. Even though I knew of Marc’s successful track record in business, it wasn’t until I actually tried the product before I became interested. And after meeting the numerous people and high-level athletes who had been using BioGenesis for years, and further understanding the vision Marc had for the enterprise, I jumped in.”

A native and resident of Albany, New York, Todd’s success in business and marketing are well-documented. Todd was educated at the University of Albany in Computer Science and Renewable Energy, and has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, management, finance, strategic planning, web development and business development. Todd founded Zone 5, a strategic branding, marketing and PR company in Albany, NY in 1989. With award-winning practices in the technology, higher education, economic development and healthcare sectors, Zone 5 is one of the leading marketing firms in upstate New York. Zone 5 expanded its reach with the addition a west coast office in 2009, in San Francisco, CA.

In addition to operational duties, Todd also provides the professional look and image of GYV’s branding and marketing efforts.

“Working with Marc and the team we’ve assembled has been rewarding and fast paced. We’re the new kids, but with what we have already accomplished and what’s in the works, I fully expect GYV to grow in leaps and bounds for the foreseeable future. When you have a product like BioGenesis, and the business platform Marc developed, time is the only remaining ingredient.”

Todd is married with one child, and splits his time between Albany and San Francisco. He is an avid cyclist and wine enthusiast.

Mike Colagiovanni

Chief Financial Officer

Mike ColagiovanniHandling the financial matters of a company is a big role, and one that Mike Colagiovanni handles with ease. With over 25 years of public accounting experience, Mike’s knowledge of numbers is second to none. But it’s the long-lasting trust and friendship with GYV CEO Marc Schenkel that made the union a no-brainer.

“Marc grew up in Cleveland, so I’ve known him and his family for years. I know the caliber of person he is, and I’ve seen first-hand what he has accomplished professionally in his young life, so when he called, I answered.”

Mike obtained his accounting degree at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH, and is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Valuation Analyst. Specializing in working closely with entrepreneurs and being involved as their businesses change and grow is especially important in his role with GYV.

“Our needs change on a weekly basis here at GYV, so it’s crucial for our team to be one step ahead of the curve, especially in terms of the real-time commissions. There are many dynamics involved here financially, but none more important than the consistent and timely manner in which we compensate the field.”

Other roles Mike is filling for GYV include expert insight and advice on acquisitions, cash flow projections, and expansion.

Mike resides in Chesterland, OH, and has three children. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing and working out at the gym.

Big Joe Stout

Director of Media & Training

Big Joe Stout A life-long entrepreneur, Big Joe Stout found himself reunited with GYV CEO Marc Schenkel by unique circumstance in 2016. The two had met in the late ’90s when Big Joe was a corporate trainer for telecom giant Excel Communications. Marc was one of his students during a weekend class in Cleveland, Ohio, and they became fast friends. Almost 20 years later, a phone conversation led to a trip to San Jose for Joe and his company, Pro Video Source, to film testimonials for Marc's new company, GYV, Inc.

“When I started filming these testimonials with high-level athletes, I was blown away at what they had been experiencing with BioGenesis. So when I returned home I started taking it, and four weeks later my knee pain was history and the arthritis in my hands was almost nonexistent. I told Marc we needed to talk.”

And they did. And soon after, Big Joe came on board as the director of media and training. His experience and success in both traditional and network marketing, training, and video production were a perfect fit for the company. Big Joe’s entrepreneurial path started at the age of 21 when he opened a restaurant that over five years evolved into a five-store chain, wholesale bakery and catering company. After 17 years in the food business, he jumped into networking as an independent rep with Excel Communications. He was selected to be a corporate trainer for the company, and wrote the training curriculum and conducted classes in 30 states. The growth of his organization also placed him in the elite group of top earners in the company.

In 2008, Big Joe launched his video production company in Delray Beach, Florida.

“This is a perfect fit for me. I love the culture and integrity that is the foundation of GYV, and the product itself is unlike anything I have experienced. I knew soon after coming out to San Jose that I wanted to hitch my wagon to this company, and I'm excited to be a part of the journey.”

Big Joe lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife, Annie, and two dogs, Henry and Chuck. They have three children and (finally) one grandchild. He enjoys writing, cooking and drumming.

Cindy Hansen

Director of Customer Success

Cindy HansenSitting at her desk when working for software giant Adobe, Cindy Hansen saw a familiar number pop up on her phone. And when she answered, the familiar voice said, “I have another great opportunity for you.”

The person on the other end of the phone was GYV CEO Marc Schenkel. He knew that one of the keys to the kind of success he was targeting required providing customers and distributors with the highest level of service. The only name on the short list was Cindy Hansen.

“I knew I always wanted to work for Marc again... our values and beliefs were always aligned in our previous ventures, so when he asked, I said yes.”

An accredited school teacher, Cindy got her first taste of the industry with Mary Kay in 1993, and was a distributor for a handful of other direct sales companies including Morinda and Xyngular. And although she enjoyed success at every stop, her true passion was providing distributors with an exceptional level of personal care and service, which is exactly what she is doing for GYV today. Cindy heads up a team that provides a wealth of information to a growing base of distributors. Product information, compensation plan details, how to navigate the back office, and sometimes, just to provide a little encouragement and support.

Every job Cindy has had over her career has created a new path for bigger and better adventures, and she couldn't be happier doing what she loves with a team she calls family.

Cindy and her husband of eight years reside in Saratoga Springs, Utah. She has eight children and step-children, and seven amazing grandchildren. All things water and scrapbooking are her favorite hobbies.

Adriana Rocha

Team Leader

Adriana RochaBehind every successful CEO is an organized, talented, and patient administrator, and GYV is fortunate to have Adriana Rocha leading the way.

A native of San Jose, CA, Adriana, or “Adri” as many know her, has the daily task of keeping all the plates spinning that keep GYV on the fast track to success. From the communication to the field, to keeping GYV CEO Marc Schenkel organized, Adriana's list of responsibilities is lengthy, and growing daily.

Adriana earned her degree in Environmental Studies at San Jose State University, and worked in an administrative role in the childcare industry for eight years. Through her role in childcare, she met GYV CEO Marc Schenkel by way of his youngest child. Marc was so impressed with Adriana's competence and communication skills that she became his first hire when forming GYV's leadership team.

“I love the energy and cohesiveness of this company. The people, the product, and the spirit are unlike anything I have ever been a part of,” said Rocha.

Adriana currently resides in Gilroy, CA with her husband Joey and their dogs, Oli and Buddy. In her spare time, she enjoys reading.