Cultivate your own success story.

GYV has created a business venture for anyone with the desire to feel better, live better, and to be part of the next big thing. It’s all about life without limits! Our all-natural health supplement, BioGenesis, is redefining the health and wellness industry. Sought out and used by athletes from the world's most demanding sports and people from all walks of life, BioGenesis has laid the foundation for a very real and timely income opportunity


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GYV’s Revenue Share Platform (RSP) is shattering the myths, stereotypes and stigmas associated with independent marketing concepts. Created in the same disruptive mode as market-changing giants Amazon, Uber, Netflix and Google, GYV has leveled the home-based business playing field. By removing income-limiting structure, the GYV business model positions people to succeed without compromise.

The Joys of GYVing!

  • Earn extra's up to you!
  • Your business, your schedule
  • Unlimited residual income potential
  • Automated business-building resources
  • Training when you want it
  • No hoops to jump's simple
  • Products that are redefining the health and wellness industry
  • The most powerful and respected endorsement team on the planet

Our Revenue Share Platform is exactly what you've been waiting for. Gone are the impossible-to-reach qualifications and uncomfortable compromises that have created distance between you and success.

GYV is simple, and offers you the opportunity to exclusively market one of the most in-demand nutritional supplements to hit the market. Our flagship product, BioGenesis, is used and endorsed by high-level athletes across the globe, and has improved the health and quality of life for thousands of people just like you!


GYV pays you to introduce BioGenesis to people with the strength of a money-back guarantee. You get paid real-time commissions, up to 40% on everything you sell, and up to 30% for ongoing monthly orders.

Everything is based on revenues, and there are several ways you earn. You earn from your own sales. You earn from organizational sales. And you even earn from company sales. And there is no promotion that requires you to start over or recruit new affiliates. It is virtually impossible to short-change your earnings potential because of company structure or not understanding the marketing plan

GYV pays real-time, seven-generation sales commissions that alone can generate walkaway income — and when you factor in our leadership bonuses, the sky truly becomes the limit.

  • Bonus Pools that provide up to 9% of all company revenues to qualified Affiliates.
  • Override Bonuses of up to 3%, paid to unlimited levels
  • Event Cash
  • Vacations and GYV Excursion Program

Rarely is an in-demand, consumable product with an eight-year track record connected to a fresh out of the gate income opportunity — that’s exactly what GYV is offering you today.


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